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Well its time we fought back. The latest ongoing set of utility bills increases are the last straw that not only breaks the camels back but is going to put a lot of people into an early grave. No one gives a sod about the weak going to the wall, just let them freeze to death, that should reduce the state pension financial burden. Just about the whole of the government have their heads up their backsides on virtually all aspects of trying to live a decent life.

What we endure are a host of utility companies providing some sort of service to the public at crippling rates. That means there are a multitude of overheads, bonuses, share dividends, CEO's who are taking home 7 figure salaries plus perks, and there appears not to be one ounce of competition anywhere. When one company puts up their prices, then like smug lemmings they all follow, so it is as pointless switching as trying to understand how they compose their bills in the first place. There appears to be in the domestic market approximately 14 gas and 16 electric companies some of which supply both. However it seems the same handful of major players make the news each time the rates are increased.

Well, the Government have told us to switch and that is what we should do. We should switch away from one or more of the companies so they have no customers at all. When they cease trading, if the remainder don't reduce their prices or restructure their company to make things easier for customers then we can switch away in bulk from the next one.

We could then eventually end up with a state run utility company which can operate without a multitude of on-costs intent on making profits before the demise of the weak and infirm.

This country has gone to the wall with the added insult of telling us "we are all in this together". The only place the frail will be together is six feet under the wet clay and it will probably be warmer there than in their homes.

If anyone is interested in progressing/supporting this idea, then please email your comments to finalswitch@outlook.com. This has already being posted on Facebook and if their is any interest then I'll develop a database to get it going.

........and lastly. please email this to your friends and family to spread the word. Thank you.